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Vacation rental for my home Should I take advantage of it?

Why should I include my property as a vacation rental?

Whether you own your property primarily as an investment or as a place to spend your vacation, including it as a vacation rental as long as you are not using it can be an excellent way to increase your return on investment. Vacation homes have always been part of the lifestyle in Seville. With the tourist attraction and the number of quality events and business conventions held in our city, they provide the perfect opportunity for tenants and sporadic landlord. In Seville we received more than two and a half million tourists, of which 1.3 are foreigners in 2016 and they all look for accommodation for their holidays, so why not take advantage of this opportunity with your property?
Many people, when considering the rental of their properties, believe that permanent rents will guarantee the best rental yield and an investment without problems. However, renting a vacation property can be a highly profitable endeavor.

Depending on the location of your property, it is possible to charge the equivalent of a monthly rental for just one week of vacation. Renting your property only 12 weeks a year as a vacation rental would generate the same return on investment as a permanent tenant. Any additional week, it would simply increase your profitability and the property would still be available for you to enjoy on your own vacation.

To help you with the decision to use your home as a vacation rental, we have put together the following guide to give you an idea of ​​the process and the options available.

What you should know

If you decide to rent your property as a vacation rental, there are some key decisions you will have to make. The first is if you want to rent directly yourself or use an agent.

For those who want to closely examine the guests that will enter their home, it can be thought that the ideal way may be to rent it without mediators. But depending on how the mediator demands, as in our case, your hiring can be very beneficial, since we carry out a thorough analysis of the guests, we treat their homes as ours.

However, if you prefer a more practical approach, you will need commercial agents to take care of everything, and we are experts.

You must, in one way or another, take into account a series of requirements

Everything can do for your holiday homes

When you decide to offer your home as a vacation home, you have to take into account several aspects:

The maintenance of the holiday home must always be perfect for the arrival of new tenants, this includes cleaning, maintenance, reception of new guests and something very important, the cordial relationship with neighbors. At we have these details more than expected. We have a professional team of cleaning and maintenance that upon departure of all tenants are responsible for putting the entire perfect vacation home for the new visit. We take care that each guest is well received and that everything is ready upon arrival. In addition, we always have a control of the visitors so that the neighbors live very calm and in harmony. You do not have to worry about anything, we take care of it.

The promotion is also something to consider. Many tourists look for a hotel room or aparthotel for comfort or because it is the first idea that comes to mind, but when they are offered the same comfort characteristics, even better and at a better price, they quickly change their minds. This happens more frequently every day and at we know it. We have more than 5,000 tourists staying in our holiday apartments and thanks to a professional treatment and a good experience, season after season they visit us again. It is important to create a stable trust in visitors and that word of mouth works alone. Even so, we know that we can not stop and for that reason, we have a professional team working daily so that our floors appear in the best positions and we take care of our image to the smallest detail so that the trust that visitors place in us, corresponds to what we offer them

Being a good host is also very important. When a person arrives in a new city, they want to discover and enjoy everything that a city like Seville can offer. We try to make that thirst for adventure sated. For a better stay, we have guides and perfect routes for adventurers but also for those looking for a classic Seville. We try to get to know our guests so that they enjoy their visit and that the trust in us grows day by day.

Finally, when a house is decorated with charm the experience is much better. Our goal is that tourists when they come to our holiday homes are at home or better yet. We analyze the potential of the house and make proposals to its owners to make that place become a special place or as it says in our slogan; in Eva Recomends you will find homes with ALMA.

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