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Holiday rental: 7 types of tenants that interest

Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 1

Traveling is something unique and personal. Every traveler has a different idea of ​​where is the best place to vacation, how to get there, the best time of year to leave, the ideal people to travel and the most interesting things to do while they are there.No two holidays are the same, and you can not expect two guests staying at your house to be the same!

If you have noticed that the guests who come to stay in your vacation home are quite similar (families with small children, business travelers alone, seniors, etc.), that is no problem. But could he do more and attract reserves from other groups?

How could you adapt your vacation rental to cater to different types of travelers? Here are some ideas to get started:


Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 2

Many parents will agree that vacations with young children (under the age of five) sometimes feel more like work than vacation. Kids can be so unpredictable in a new place, not to mention all the equipment they need.

Families with babies and young children are looking for a place where they feel their children are safe and comfortable, and that they have additional services to make their lives easier.


First, focus on security and make this clear on your lists. If your house has a pool, consider having a baby door around or an alarm on the door. If your house has stairs, offer a door at the top or bottom to keep the crawlers safe. Some parents see images of very beautiful, expensive and fragile objects in the images and can imagine their child accidentally hitting something. Tell potential guests that you can save these items so they do not have to worry about yelling "No! Do not touch that! «All the time you are there.

Offer information in your listing about the nearest grocery stores, public parks, zoos, and other local attractions that are good for travelers who bring children.

You can even go the extra mile and offer items related to the baby in your home, free of charge. Having an 'n' play package, a car seat, a high chair or a stroller in the home allows you to leave yours at home and not have to put it in the car or carry it around the airport.

Hotel tenant

Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 3

This type of traveler is new to vacation rentals. They have stayed in hotels while they can remember and never considered that there could be another option. They will have questions and many of them. Guests who rent for the first time need constant proof that they are making the best decision for their vacation and need to feel safe. Usually, they want to see evidence that you are legitimate, so be prepared to read each and every one of the reviews and know the details of your rental before confirming your reservation.


Let your list speak for itself and sell your rent in a much better way than any other hotel. Focus on the convenience, comfort and opportunities of "the best of both worlds" for dinner or lunch.

Let them know that you will be happy to meet them at home when they arrive, and that they will be guided through everything. The best thing to do is to be as available and friendly as possible, after all, hotels are known for their excellent customer service. So send personalized emails, call them if you can and, in general, simply be willing to answer each and every question from first-time guests that will help them feel at home.

You could even offer a "first time tenant" discount to show you that you are committed to showing them what they have been missing all this time.


Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 4

It is also usually partial to a hotel stay, the business traveler is more suited to a vacation rental than he previously imagined.

Expect to arrive with your casual business attire, with your laptop bag and your expensive suitcase in tow. For business travelers, the most important features are probably high-speed Wi-Fi and convenient access to conference and transportation centers. They are not too worried about the bells and whistles, they just want a comfortable place to relax after working all day, and they are tired of the hotel's narrow rooms.


Center your listing in the quiet and well-lit spaces of your home and sell them as perfect and comfortable work spaces for business travelers looking to escape from the hotel scene.

Make sure you have the latest technologies when it comes to high-speed Internet access, and inform guests that you have a printer and scanner available for use at home.

Location is key for business travelers, as they will not want to waste a lot of time in the car or on public transport. Therefore, be sure to indicate travel distances or estimated travel times from your home to the main points of the city.

Finally, let them know what extras you can provide additional to give you an advantage over hotels: extra chargers for laptops or mobile phones; luxury toiletries; a Nespresso machine, and even shopping and cooking services!


Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 5

More than 66 million people around the world have some type of mobility problem, however, it can be very difficult to find a vacation rental that meets their needs. Whether these guests require a house on an accessible level or bathroom, they have to be 100% sure that the house they plan to rent is suitable for their specific needs.


There are many ways to adapt your vacation rental, making it suitable for people with mobility problems. According to the founder and CEO of Accomable, Srin Madipalli, simply "having one or two rooms adapted in your home can give you the advantage over your competition".

Show photos of your modern bathroom and spacious wet style, which would easily be suitable for a wheelchair user. You can even add some specialized pieces in the house like removable grab bars or a folding ramp for wheelchairs.

You can also inform the guests that the reorganization of the furniture is entirely possible if it makes your stay more comfortable!


Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 6

Family reunions, bachelorette parties, men's getaways, spiritual retreats and sports teams are beginning to use holiday rentals for their annual outings. Space, but vacation rentals can also be a much cheaper option than hotels as well.

They want a place where they can meet comfortably and, at the same time, have enough space to escape and relax in private. It is likely that they have come prepared with an itinerary to make sure they are dedicated to doing all the things they want while they are on vacation.


The key to attracting travelers as a group is to have ample vacation rental to begin with. If you have more than three bedrooms, it will be easier to appeal to potential guests looking to travel as a group.

Make sure your listing provides information about the parking facilities for several vehicles, the number of beds, the number of inflatable sofas or beds that can be provided, the number of dining chairs, etc. The most important thing is that you must indicate the maximum number of guests that are allowed to stay in your rental.

Once the reservation is underway, you can continue and provide information on public transport, discount coupons for local restaurants, directions to places of interest and a kitchen with some additional luxuries for you to prepare meals for a large group be very simple

You can also find out if they are celebrating something and offer a small gesture to help them celebrate, such as a bottle of wine for a bachelorette party or candles and decorations for a child's birthday.


Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 7

These hungry travelers come to experience the food and culture of the new city. They appreciate delicious foods and want to try the unique offers in their area. They are grateful for a well-stocked kitchen because they also like to cook, and the proximity to popular local restaurants is a must for them.


If your area is famous for some delicacy, let it know in your lists. Great food festival arriving in the city? Change your title to include it!

Food lovers will know what they are looking for, and a photo of your kitchen will not be enough. Show several photos, from different angles, that show the best that your kitchen has to offer. The essential will not cut it either. You'll need luxuries like a waffle maker, blender, sharp knives and, of course, high-quality non-stick pans.

Let them share their experience in the area when it comes to eating out as well. Provide menus and maps marked with the best local restaurants, and provide some discount coupons if you can.

Finally, think about leaving a small welcome gift related to the meal to enjoy when they arrive. Try gourmet coffees, special local cheeses or homemade jams.


Alquiler vacacional: 7 tipos de inquilinos que interesan 8

It is likely that couples traveling are celebrating something, be it an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding or a honeymoon. They are going to look for a private and relaxing place, where they can rest and relax completely.

Whether you decide to stay at home, splashing in the pool or jacuzzi, or spend time exploring what the area has to offer, this pair of guests want a clean, safe and comfortable place to celebrate a special milestone in their relationship.


Let your photos speak here. Do you have a secluded and private beach in the front? A cozy love seat by the fireplace in the living room? A swing on the porch or a hammock for couples to enjoy together? Whatever romantic offers you have, be sure to show them in the images.

The same applies to the additional activities or services you provide, make sure they are in pairs! For example, two bicycles, two surfboards or two sledges. This will ensure that the couple can have a good time in the area surrounding their rental.

Provide pre-stay information on nearby romantic haute cuisine restaurants, as well as other exclusive ideas for evening appointments, such as minigolf, bowling, beer tours, art museums, live music venues or nature parks.

As a special gift, leave a bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries or other small romantic souvenir to surprise them upon arrival.


It does not take much time or effort to incorporate some small changes or gestures to your vacation rental depending on the guests that enter. Making them feel special is the key to repeating the business, and can be achieved simply by asking a few questions and making an extra effort to make them feel heard, welcomed and appreciated throughout their experience as a guest.

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